Hubs are the heartbeat of the church and we encourage everyone to get involved

Hubs meet during the week across Harrow in homes, pubs and cafes. They are a great way to make friends, live life together and change the world. Each Hub is different so we are sure you’ll be able to find one that works for you.


Hubs run for three 10 week terms across the year. Each term begins with Hub Sunday when we find out about new Hubs and all sign up to the term ahead. In the Spring Term the focus is on courses for the community as we seek to connect with neighbours, friends and colleagues. In the summer term Hubs are encouraged to be creative in any way they like before the Autumn term where we all come together to follow the main teaching series.


Simply choose a group you like the look of and click on the link to sign up to be part of it. You will then be contacted to confirm your place and details of the Hub.

Families Collective

Putting Christ at the centre of the family


Benedict & Sam Duncan
Different times and places each week


Email for more info

Parry's Hub

Passionate about the local community


John Parry
Thursdays at 7.30pm


Email for more info

Shalom Hub

A long established, friendly, pastoral group who focus on Bible study, prayer and socials


Steve Shaw
Tuesday at 3-5pm


Email for more info

Generation Hub

An intergenerational, outward looking and family focused group with strong values to share hospitality & food, love those who are lonely and support each others’ visions


Angela & Nahim Afzal and Stephen & Tabea Richardson
Various Times and Places


Email for more info


Working out together how to be intentional with our witness in our everyday lives


Stuart & Miriam Davidson
Tuesdays 7.30pm – 9.30pm


Email to find out more

Hello Hub

 Our group is for 20s – 30s, aiming to walk with each other through big things and little things. Food, friendship and fellowship can be found here!


Rory & Charley Jackson
Wednesday 7.30pm
Email for more info